Sun Omelette - EN

Today after swimming...

Minnie: Papa, I feel hungry.

Papa: What do you want to eat? Noodle? or Crispy pork with rice?

Minnie: Thai omelette with rice. I told grandma to cook.

Papa: Do you wanna try Sun Omelette? We can cook together after your shower.

Minnie: Ok

... After a shower...

Papa: Minnie, help me beat the egg. Here I add 4 sausages for you. They will be your squid.

Minnie: Papa, I finish beating the egg. I didn't spill it.

Papa: Minnie go to take stream rice. I will do minced pork mix with coriander.

Minnie: Here I got the stream rice.

Papa: Ok, I put the minced pork into the egg first.

Minnie: Ok, I will add the rice to egg now.

Papa: Here I mixed it for you. Now I will heat the pan and the cooking oil. Let's cook the squid first.

Minnie: How the sausages become squids? Because you cut them like this?

Papa: You have to see after they have been cooked. Here you go, now your turn to make eyes for them.

Minnie: Ok, I use the cooking color to make it then. Ok use this stick to help.

Papa: Ok, let's do it. I will cook the Sun Omelette now. Here I pour the mix rice and egg to the hot pan. Same way with cooking Thai style omelette.

...5 mins later...

Minnie: Oh! Papa, It's not look like Thai omelette.. too flat.

Papa: Ahmm, oh because of the oil is not enough .. those squids took the oil. Then, let's change the menu to fried rice mix with egg then. Here stir it like this... oh we don't have a mold to make it like a sun. Minnie give a small ceramic blow then.

Minnie: Papa here is the blow.

Papa: Here, put the fired rice into the blow like this. Then put the plate on top of the blow. Turn it down.. Tha da

Minnie: Hey Papa, I want these squids to be soldiers to protect the fired rice. Ha ha , I make the smile on their face too.

Papa: Wait! let's me take a photo of the fired rice first .... (Shutter sound)

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