Minnie cooking water fried egg - ทอดไข่ดาวด้วยน้ำ

Sunday morning, I taught my daughter to fried egg using water. I think this is more safe and more clean than using oil. Let see how my daughter learn from this recipe.

Papa: Minnie we are during vegetarian festival so this morning we will have only vegetarian food.
Minnie: Can I have fried egg?
Papa: Sure, good we can cook it together. Let's cook the fried egg but today we will fry it in the water. 
Minnie: Will it be splash like cook with the oil?
Papa: No, it will not be like that. Let start now. See I put plain water on the pan and heat it.
So bad today we don't have Teflon pan, we will use the normal pan then.
Minnie: Papa, will put the egg to the bowl and I will run away now coz I am afraid it will splash.
Papa: Ok, let see, just stand behind me then.

Papa: See the water is very hot now. I will put the egg in it. Here you go!.. then pour hot water on the top or egg don't stir now. Keep pouring hot water until egg cook.
Minnie: Ok good, no splashing.
Papa: See just like fried in oil same shape. Now, give me a dish, don't forget to put rice, I will put the fried egg on top. 
Minnie: Wow, I will put soy sauce also.

1 fresh egg
Pan *Teflon pan will be great
Plain water

How to cook
1.Heat pan and water until water boiled.
2.Beat the egg to the boiled water.
3.Keep pouring the hot water to top of the egg until it cooked.
4.Take egg to your prepared dish.

Let see from my VDO
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