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This lesson, I will share how to use filters function. The filers function will allow you to select data according to the condition. For example, you can select name which starting with "Mr." from the customer list on your Excel sheet.

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Let’s start…
1. Select cell“b3” and “c3”.
2. Click on DATA tab.
3. Click on Filter menu.

4. You will see triangle icon after “b3” and “c3”.

5. Click on triangle icon after cell “c3”.
6. Once “Filters” window appear, click on “Text Filters”.

7. Once sub-menu open, click on “Begins With…”.

8. Now, the “Custom AutoFilter” window will open up, type “Mr.” in the text box after “begins with” box. Then click “Ok” button.

9. The result, then show only customer name whose title is “Mr.”.
You can also see that some row has been hidden.

10. To bring the result to use, select area of the result as shown on the picture. Then copy (Hold key “Ctrl” and click on key “C”. A short cut to copy)
If you want to paste on other sheet, you can do it now. If you want to put on the same sheet please continue below.

11. Click on “Filters” icon.
12. When the “Filter” window open, click on Clear Filter From “Title First name...”

13. Now, the hidden row will all show.
14. Then just paste the copied on cell “f4”. To paste, click on cell “f4” and hold “Ctrl” button, then click on key “V” (a short cut for pasting)
If you want to select other name with new condition please repeat the same step from the beginning.

Now it is coming to the end of this lesson. Please don't forget to practice and apply to your job. 

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