Taking a taxi from Don Mueang Airport

To take a taxi from Don Mueang Airport (Information since November 9, 2015)

1. Get out from the custom gate, turn left and walk to the end  of the hall (after the escalator you will see a long line of people who is queuing for a taxi.

2. You can queue on any line since there are taxi staffs manage the queue at the end.
3. When its come to your queue you need to tell destination (better prepare the print out address) and pay for 50 bath additional from the Taxi fee.

4. The staff will record your destination along with Taxi detail (car plate, driver name).

5. Taxi fee is based on the standard meter.

Note: See public transport information from Don Mueang Airport official site here.
*but I think this site didn't update for such a long time.

- Hope you enjoy your trip in Thailand -

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