Sun Omelette EP 3 and It's successful

Hi this is the third try for my Sun Omelette cooking and this time I can made it.
There are tips below.
1. Don't put to much rice into beaten egg, approximately two third of beaten egg is good enough.
2. Don't use flat bottom pan coz you will need to put too much of cooking oil.
3. Need to use cooking oil in a good level which the oil should be above the beaten egg a bit.
4. Warm the pan and cooking oil to hot enough.
5. To test whether oil is ready, drop some beaten egg into the oil. If you see a lot of bubble around piece of dropped egg that means it is ready to pour the rest otherwise just wait and test until got that reaction.
6. Then pour all beaten egg into the oil and always pour the hot oil on top until bottom of egg set.
7. Flip the egg carefully maybe you can use 2 flippers to help.
8. When another side is been set, take the omelette out of the pan and it is ready to be eaten.

Note: If anyone can't catch up its recipe on last post. I put it here at the bottom of this post.

Sun Omelette recipe.
2.Stream rice (not too much)
3.Cooking oil (If you want to make a clean food you can apply for coconut oil or olive oil)
4.Soy sauce or fish sauce
5.If you like smell of herb please put chop garlic, basil leave and fresh chili.

How to cook.
1.Put stream rice it to the beaten egg.
2.Well stir.
3.Put sauce and herbs
4.Warm the pan with cooking oil.
5.Test the pan.
6.Pour mixed beaten egg to the pan.
7.Well fry.
8.When egg turn light yellow and set just take from the pan. (Don't fry too long, otherwise the rice will become crispy)

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